QPS Quick Pit StopQPS (Quick Pit Stop) is the revolutionary system for fast tyre changes, even on multi-lock wheels.

This new anchorage system features an advanced concept of nuts, locked into the rim through its long neck, which slides in and out the housing holes without coming off. QPS is installed on specifically-designed wheel, for racing use only.

QPS makes tyre change faster and safer especially on an unpredictable in-stage puncture during a rally. Numerous tests and simulations, as well as real tyre change situations on race fields, have proved the extreme efficiency on even the most demanding conditions.

Thanks to QPS the most unwanted accidents will be avoided:

  • Wasting precious time screwing nuts on by hand before locking them
  • Nuts falling on the dirt of the ground, getting lost in the mud, snow, grass or sand
  • Risky muddy and dusty threads
  • Handling red hot, messy nuts

Wheels are supplied with the new QPS System already installed. QPS System is patented by EVO Corse.