The lightest 15″ wheel for circuit with low offset
Lightweight 15 inch alloy wheel for circuitX3MAZero is the 15″ lightweight alloy wheel designed with low offset, ideal for circuit racing.

Experience and technology by EVO Corse have raised the level of the rims making them more performing than magnesium wheels. The further reduced weight improves accelerating abilities while maintaining the stiffness and the strength of the product.

X3MAZero is available for BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, and many other applications on demand, also for historic cars.

  • Size: 8Jx15
  • Min ET 0, Max ET 40
  • Min PCD 98×4, Max PCD 120×5
  • Weight depending on the application: 5.8 to 6.5 kg
  • Standard color: mat black, white
  • Available colors: silver, gold, anthracite, bronze
  • Use: track / circuit
  • Material: aluminum alloy A356-T6
  • Steel inserts: taper (60°, 90°) or flat included